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Mall91 App – Trick to Earn ₹8000 daily, make money easily in part time, work from home – Guys, We will discuss here about Mall91 App. This has become trending money making app in part time now a days.

Most of the people are earning daily Rs.8000 or more with Mall91 App. We will tell you here how you can make Rs.8000 or more daily with this.

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What is Mall91 App

It is an online shopping company App. The company is registered with MCA (Ministry of Corporate Affairs). The App of this company is running since long without any failure. It is continuously paying money to its users without any failure.

Mall91 App ShinyBaba

Mall91 Payment Proof 11

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Mall91 Refer Earn 15 level Earning


How To Earn Money with Mall91 App?

It is very easy to earn money with Mall91. Anyone can make money Rs.7000 to Rs.8000 per day with this App in part time very easily. Here we have explained how you can make money with Mall91 App.

  • Refer and Earn till 15th level in your networkThis is the main way of earning. You can earn Rs.8000 per day or more. The beauty of this is that, If you worked once and made your network of active peoples. You will get money from your network till 15th level on daily basis till lifetime.

If everyone refers to 5 peoples, below is the earning chart.


4 Rules For Every Member to Follow

Rule No.1

To take Payment daily, every member must open scratch card & scratch it and spin wheel on daily basis. It will keep you active on daily basis in this App. and you will get payment on daily basis.

Keep in Mind – If you missed to open scratch card and spin wheel on any day. You will not get payment for that day.

Mall91 Scratch Card and Lucky spin Wheel

Each and every member in your network should follow this rule. The more active members in your network. the more you earn daily.


Rule No.2

Everyone join at least 5 peoples with your refer code.(Join to the peoples only who are interested in earning money)

If everyone refers to 5 peoples only. You can see from above chart, how much money you can earn daily till lifetime. Most of the peoples are earning Rs.7000 to Rs.8000 per day.

There is no limit at any level to join members. at each level, there can be unlimited members.


Rule No.3

Make one whatsapp group & add all your direct joining members (Level 1) in that group. Send them payment proofs, latest updates, motivational messages and give full training to your team members so that they can work with full confidence.


Rule No.4

To get more and more joinings, use social media like Facebook, Helo App, whatsapp etc. You can get more and more joinings by posters/banners.

Check out trick to grow Mall91 Network

If you want to take payment in Paytm. Use Paytm KYC number to withdraw money, else money withdrawal in Paytm will fail. You can take your money in Bank Account as well.


Other ways of earning in this App

  • Shopping commission till 15 level – If members in your network do shopping in this App. You get shopping commission from your network members till 15 level.
  • Play Game and make money – You can make money by playing simple games.
  • Courier Services – You can take courier franchise and make money with Mall91.

I prefer this way of making money and think it is better than any job where you have to work daily to get paid daily. If you are not working next month. You will not get paid your salary in any job.

But here, If you are not working and you have referred peoples and made your team (network). Then you will get money on daily basis from your network till lifetime.

Step by Step Video

Mall91 Payment Proofs

Here are some snapshots of payment proofs.

Mall91 payment proof 5

mall91 payment proof

Mall91 payment proof 11

Mall91 App payment Proof 3

Check out Latest Payment proofs & Mall91 Training MaterialVisit Here


Mall91 Wallet balance, Monthly Income & Total Withdrawal

These three terms are very important to understand.

1. Wallet balance – This is the balance that you can withdraw at any time.

2. Monthly Income – This is the income for calculation purpose on daily basis. It shows the income that you can get in a month. It depends on your network members count and changes daily.

Example – Suppose today your monthly income is Rs.600. Then you daily income will be “monthly income/30” = 20 Rs. You will get Rs.20 in your wallet on that day.

Now on next day, you refer to some more peoples. then your monthly income will change as per your network members count. Suppose monthly income on next day becomes 1200 Rs. Then you will get Rs.40 in your wallet on that day.

In this way, Your daily income calculated from monthly income is deposited in your wallet on daily basis. You can withdraw your wallet balance daily. In this way you get daily income from this Mall91 App.

Formula :

Daily Earning = Monthly Income/30

Mall91 Payment proof and network card

3. Total Withdrawal – This shows the amount that you have taken in your bank account or Paytm wallet.


Mall91 App Level Wise Income Chart

If everyone refers to only 5 members. You can see from below income chart how much you can earn daily. There is no limit of referring to peoples at any level.

Mall91 App Income Plan chart

Levels Explained :-

Level 1 – If you directly refers to someone (A) with your refer code. then that member (A) will come under your Level 1.

Level 2 – If Level 1 member (A) refers to someone (B) with his refer code. Then the referred member (B) will be Level 2 for you. But it will be Level 1 for (A).

Similarly All levels will run till Level 15.

Mall91 App Level Income Chart


Redeem Money In Mall91 App

You can withdraw money to

  • Paytm wallet
  • Bank Account
  • Through UPI
  • Also you can recharge or bill payment.

Paytm withdrawal Important pointIf You redeem in Paytm, then give your Paytm KYC or Mini KYC number only.


Trick To Grow Network In Mall91 App & Make Rs.8000 Daily

There are two ways to grow network in Mall91 App. Use below these tested methods to get success.

1. Online Method

The best way to grow network using online method is Youtube Channel, Hello social media App and Facebook . If you use this app properly. You can get 200 to 400 joining daily.

Also Read:- Best Facebook Groups For Joinings In Mall91


2. Offline Method

  • In this method, find the peoples who are interested in earning money with Apps. Tell them about this app and earning process in this app.
  • Also you can use banners, posters to promote this with your referral code. You can put banners in front of schools, bus, rickshaw, auto or wherever you think you can get the crowd of peoples. You can download banners/Posters from below link.

Mall91 Payment Proofs, Banners/Posters & Training Material – Visit Here


Success Mantra For Mall91

  • Ask Team/Network members to do the same as you are doing to build good Team/Network in a very short time.
  • Giving Training about Mall91 to the Team members is key to build good team/network.
  • Keep in touch with all team members with some Whatsapp or Telegram group. Make a WhatsApp group.
  • Add your all network members in that group. Post payment proofs, updates to your network members via this group. In this way, your network members remain motivated. and You will start getting success in this App.



Guys, We have covered most of the points about this Mall91 App. We discussed how you can earn money with Mall91 App.

This is a best opportunity to all of us. Work in part time in this App. Give daily 20 minutes. You will see after some time you will start making daily Rs.8000 or more with this Mall91 App.

Queries Solved –

  • Mall91/Money91 App kya hai
  • Mall91/Money91 App se paise kaise kamaye
  • Mall91/Money91 App se paise kaise nikale


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