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OneAD App is best free Money Earning App in India. It is continuously paying money to its members. You can earn upto 2.5 Lakh Rs. per month with this App. Yes, This statement is correct.

You will get Rs.3 as Joining bonus. Some lucky peoples may get Rs.500 as Joining bonus.

Many people don’t work in a proper way, Hence they fail to earn good amount of money with OneAD App, Best Indian money earning app. But if you work as told by us later on in this article, Surely you will earn good amount of Money.

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Join OneAD 2 App, 100% Trusted & Free

1. Join Link

2. Refer Code:-  SFDIF

3. Must enter Refer code and join our team.

Video – Deeply understand this App & then work

2. Play Games – You can earn money online by playing games without Investment. The games in this App are very simple and free.

3. Spin Wheel – You can earn money by Spin Wheel in your part time.

4. Scratch Card – Open daily lucky scratch card and get money.

5. Shopping Commission till 15th level – Get commission of Shopping done by team members till 15 Level.

Important OneAD 2 Details, Best Earn Money App

1.  OneAD 2 App is 100% free. You can earn up to 2.5 Lakh Rs. per month or more.

2.  It pays only to active members on daily basis. It is very easy to be active on daily basis. To be active on daily basis

  • Daily open scratch card and spin wheel to be active.
  • Ask your team/network members to open scratch card and spin wheel on daily basis to be active. The more active members in your network on daily basis. The more you earn on daily basis.

3.  If you join members in OneAD with your refer code. The company will pay you for active members till lifetime. For example If members in your network remain active for 10 years on daily basis. The company will pay you for 10 years on daily basis for active members.

4.  The more member you join with your refer code. The more you earn till lifetime for active members in your network.

5.  OneAD pays till 15th Level. Hence make your network one time. Earn money till Lifetime without doing anything.

6.  You can withdraw your money in Paytm or Bank Account on daily basis.

7.  Work for at least 6 months to earn good amount of money with this App.

Redeem OneAD 2 Money

You can withdraw money from OneAD balance at any time in Paytm and Bank Account. Also do recharges/bill payments and shopping with OneAD balance.

OneAD 2 Payment Proof, Best Money Earning App

Here are some snapshots of earning and withdrawals from us and our downline members. You can withdraw your money in Paytm as well. The earning is growing day by day as our network is growing.

With these OneAD 2 Payment Proofs, You can trust on this app. The payment is processed after cutting transaction charges which is very nominal.

OneAD 2 Payment proof and network

Check our more Payment Proofs, Banners/Posters & Training Material – Visit Here

OneAD 2 Earning Plan, Best Networking Business in India

It is one of the best networking business in India. It works on Online MLM concept. But in this App, You don’t have to buy or sell anything. You have to just refer and make your network.

If you are looking for online MLM business without investment. Then you can surely try it.

It pays till 15 Level to its members. Suppose everyone refers to only 5 people. The earning chart will be as below. There is no limit of members at any Level. You can add unlimited members at any Level.

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Trick to Grow OneAD 2 Network & Make ₹8000 Daily

There are two methods to grow the network. Use the methods in which you are comfortable.

Trick No. 1

  • Find at least 3 peoples in your friend circle who are interested in making online money and tell them about OneAD Income Plan and ask them to join with your Referral code.
  • Give complete training to them and ask them to join at least 3 members as you did. If each member joins at least 3 members till 15 Level. You will see your network started to grow very fast.
  • Here only one thing to be remembered is – Join the members who are interested in making online money.
  • Check income chart till 15 level if each member just refers 3 members. The income chart is given above in this article.


Trick No. 2

Use this online method and follow step by step to grow your network.

  • Add at least 100 members in your Level 1.
  • You have to give training to these 100 members about OneAD. How does it works? How can you earn money in Lakhs ?
  • Now ask every member to add 100 members under them. This sequence should be followed till Level 10.
  • Now the problem is how to join 100 members. Facebook will help you here.
  • Join at least 20 Facebook groups having more than 1 lakh members.
  • Now post about OneAD with your referral code twice in a week in these 20 Facebook groups. Don’t Post OneAD referral link in Facebook as it doesn’t allows OneAD links. Write Posts smartly.
  • In this way at least 10,000 peoples will see your post & at least 500 people will join under you.
  • Posts should be engaging means people should like & comment on your post (Most Important Point).
  • You can reply on each comment explaining complete OneAD plan with your referral code. Don’t comment same thing again & again else your account will get blocked. Reply smartly
  • You can ask for whatsapp numbers of people in your posts & contact them on whatsapp with your referral link & referral code.
  • Use other social networks like Twitter, YouTube etc.

To promote the APP with your Referral Code, You can download Image, Text, Audios and Payment proofs from the links given later on this article.

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Success Mantra For OneAD 2

  • Ask Team/Network members to do the same as you are doing to build good Team/Network in a very short time.
  • Giving Training about OneAD 2 to the Team members is key to build good team/network.
  • Keep in touch with all team members with some Whatsapp or Telegram group.

Does Make Money App Really Pay?

Most of the peoples are still in confusion and asks “Does Make Money App Really Pay?” Our answer will be, some good and trusted apps pay money to its users. But there are many apps that cheat with their users.

So you have to find the legit and trusted App like OneAD which is paying to its users on daily basis since 1.5 Years. We know about this App since 1.5 Years.

We will answer here this question “which is the best app for earning money in Paytm?” Our answer will be, There are many earning Apps that pay you money in Paytm once per referral.

But OneAD App is a unique kind of App. It pays you money in Paytm as well as in your Bank account till your referred members have put this App installed in their mobile.

If your referred members have installed it for 2 years in their mobiles. It will pay you till 2 years for that members.

Which App is Best for Refer and Earn?

There are many refer and earn apps in the google play store. But finding a genuine Refer and Earn money earning app is a very tough task.

Google PayPhonePeRozDhan App & other Top earning Apps are good refer and earn app. But they pay you once per referral. On the other hand, OneAD 2, Best Refer and Earn App pays you till lifetime for the referred persons on daily basis.

OneAD 2 Links, Best Money Earning App

OneAD related Promotion Material like Text, Audio, Images, Payment Proofs can be downloaded from below link.

  • OneAD 2 banners/posters & Proofs LinkVisit Here

1. Join Link

2. Refer Code:-  SFDIF

3. Must enter refer code and join our team.


We have covered everything about OneAD App, Best Money Earning App in India.

In this app, you can earn money by playing games, get commission on shopping done by team members and make lifetime income by this 15 level best Refer and Earn App.

We told the tricks to grow OneAD network, about OneAD 2 joining process, discussed about OneAD earning plan, showed the OneAD Payment Proof & done detailed OneAD App review in this article.

If you have any questions, Please let us know in the comment section.


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Posted By Mangesh Shukla. Founder of Software Engineer By Profession. Helping to the Peoples to earn money online in part time with trusted money making opportunities. Also providing money saving Loot Deals to save your money.

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  1. S.Bello

    Which single one would you have to do in order to earn money from one ad app.?

    1. Mangesh

      sir only refer earn & network earning till 15th level

  2. Kuldeep singh

    one ad very good earning app

  3. Md Nosar Ali

    One ad job bhut hi accha job hai
    my dost ham one ad job me Registration hu aap bhi one ad me Registration kar sakte ho is me bhut hi ache job hai

  4. Brijesh

    100% Real App…

  5. Anandappa

    I don’t,have Paytm how can I get money, but I have only Bank Account.

    1. Mangesh

      You can withdraw in your bank account sir

      1. Saikiran

        Sir my phone is jio phone please mi 7 pro phone i online working of you

      2. Dinesh

        Join OneAD Today. Few lucky new members will get Rs 100 bonus after 1 day of joining. Refer OneAD app and earn up to 2.5 lakh per month. Play games and win money.

  6. Ram milan

    Hallo friends if you want to earn money for doing little work then jion onead by refferal code vsv3xg do only one hours work and get 8000per month

  7. Hemant Lal

    I am Hemant. I started 5 months back to work in OneAD. Now I have a network of 8000 people.
    It pays on daily basis and it is very good earning app.
    it is 100% free. anyone can start earning with this app very easily.

  8. Harish

    Good App..
    Daily gives money.

  9. Mohan

    ????????*OneAd me safal hone ki secret trick*????????

    ???????? *_हेलो दोस्तों _* ????????

    *_दोस्तों आपको one Ad में यदि success होना है तो आपको थोड़ा सा one Ad को टाईम देना होगा 1 घंटा सुबह ओर 1 घंटा शाम को।_*
    *_आपको ज्यादा से ज्यादा जॉइनिंग करवानी है और ज्यादा से ज्यादा पेसा कमाना है तो जो मे आपको बता रहा हूँ उसको आप फॉलो करिये 1 महीने तक आपको success होने से कोई दुनिया की ताकत नहीं रोक सकती_*
    *_????जो लोग OneAD में 1 लाख तक महीने का कमाना चाहते है इस message को अंत तक पढे ।????_*

    *_???? आप सभी जानते है OneAD आपको लाखो कमाने का मौका देती है ।_*
    *_???? आप अगर मेरे इस task पर काम करोगे तो अवश्य 20,000 महीने का कमाएंगे ।_*

    *_आपको सिर्फ यह करना है कि 100 लोगोंको अपने OneAD level 1 में जोड़ना है ।_*

    *_अगर आप इतना कर गए तो आप समझ लीजिये आपको 20,000 महीने के मिलेंगे ।_*

    *_अब आप किसी को नही जोड़िये ,बस उन 100 लोगों को अच्छे से सिखाइये की OneAD क्या है , कैसे काम करती है , कैसे लाखो कमाना है ,_*

    *_ओर उनको भी सिर्फ 100 लोगों को जोड़ने के लिए कहे ।_*

    *_मान लीजिये आपके 100 में से 50 लोगो ने भी अपने अपने 100 जोड़ लिया तो आपकी इनकम level 2 में 10,000 तक होगी ।_*

    *_Level 3 में 10,000 से ज्यादा अपने आप होगी ।_*

    *_यानी आप लोग 50,000 तक आराम से कमाएंगे ।_*

    *_???? सवाल यह है कि 100 कैसे जॉइन करे ?_*

    *_???? दोस्तो इसमे आपकी मदत facebook करेगा ।_*

    *_???? working ⏬_*
    *_1⃣ facebook में ऐसे 20 groups जॉइन कीजिये जहा 1 लाख से ज्यादा members हो ।_*

    *_2⃣ अब आपको बस हप्ते में 2 बार 20 groups में add पोस्ट करने है ।_*

    *_3⃣इससे ये होगा कि 1 लाख के groups में 1000 लोग तो आपके post देखेंगे ।_*

    *_4⃣ उनमे 500 आपके रेफेर कोड से जरूर जुड़ेंगे ।_*

    *_5⃣ इस तरह आपका income लाखो बढ़ जाएगी ।_*

    *_एक बात समझ लीजिए जो facebook का अच्छा इस्तेमाल करेंगे वो जरूर सफल होंगे मेने भी onead में facebook से ही team बनाई है ।_*

    ???????? *_धन्यवाद_* ????????

  10. Aman

    Part time job..monthly income 25000/-
    ????????OneAd refer code……..(92AQD32Y6) ????????
    To join download app from below link
    3)अब sign up with OneAD पर click करके अपना mobile number डाल दीजिए।
    ????????4) अब आपसे Refer code पूछा जायेगा वहाँ पर Copy Karke (92AQD32Y6) डाल दे और अपनी Id active कर लें। ????????
    5) उसके बाद आपको अपना Refer code मिलेगा उस code से आप किसी को भी join करा सकते हो । Fb और What’s app कहीं पर भी अपना code share कर team बना सकते है।
    *जितनी बड़ी team उतनी ही ज्यादा earning होगी । सिर्फ app install कर Team बनानी है और अपनी team को भी कहना होगा कि वह भी आगे टीम बनाये जिससे Monthly income bhi hogi होगी और Daily bhi
    Daily lock screen pe ads आयेगी उसी से आपकी और आपके team की Earning होती रहेगी ये income 10 level तक हर महीने Life time मिलेगी *
    Lock Screen par aane wali Ads ko band nhi karna hai,Warna koin earning nhi hogi.
    ★40 दिन तक काम करके देखें, अपने आप अच्छी income होने लगेगी
    Bhai trust Karna
    kuchh dino baad aap mujhe धन्यवाद
    De rhe hoge
    Friends fake mat samajhna true hai
    Earning bhi hogi
    Meri guarantee hai
    ????????OneAd refer code……..(92AQD32Y6) ????????
    REFER CODE is compulsory .
    रेफर कोड अनिवार्य है

    1. Aman dabral

      mee kesy 1000rs paytm cash earn kar sakta hu bina refer kiye hue sirf plzz btao yaa fhr 500rs per day kesy kmaa sakta hu

      1. Mangesh

        Sir, isme daily paisa milta hai, sirf network banana padega.sab kuchh free of cost hai, 100% genuine app hai.Post ko padhiye, video dekhiye, seekhiye aur paise kamaiye..

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