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About Amazon Students Day Quiz :

Amazon Students Day Quiz is live on Amazon.  You have to give just 8 correct answers. Winner will win a Lenovo ThinkPad . We have added all 8 correct answers of Amazon Students Day Quiz.

The twitter hashtag for Amazon Students Day Quiz is #AmazonQuiz.


Amazon Students Day Quiz Answers: Win Lenovo ThinkPad

Q1. In 2019, which Indian won gold in the World University Games at Napoli with a timing of 11.32 seconds?

Answer – Dutee Chand

Q2. As a student, which famous Indian once mis-spelt the word ‘Kettle’ and refused to copy the correct spelling from the neighbor’s slate?

Answer – Mahatma Gandhi

Q3. ‘The Adventure of the Three Students’ features which legendary fictional detective?

Answer – Sherlock Holmes

Q4. Eight Presidents of the United States have been students of which iconic university?

Answer – Harvard

Q5. One of the founders of the company who has manufactured this product, nicknamed Woz, is an alumni of which university?

Answer – University of California, Berkeley

Q6. While still a school student, who started blogging on the BBC Urdu website under the pseudonym Gul Makai?

Answer – Malala Yousafzai

Q7. The iconic logo of which shoe manufacter was created by a Graphic Design student named Carolyn Davidson?

Answer – Nike

Q8. The national anthem of which country (whose capital is shown in picture) was composed by Rabindranath Tagore’s student, Ananda Samarakoon?

Answer – Sri Lanka

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Amazon Students Day Quiz Details

Prize – Lenovo ThinkPad

Available onAmazon App


How to Submit Answers – Amazon Students Day Quiz

  1. First Of All, Download Amazon App, If you have not downloaded it till now.
  2. Login/Create Your Amazon account.
  3. Search “Amazon Quiz” on the Amazon App.
  4. Now Click on “Fun Zone” banner. or go to “Menu>Programs & Features>Fun Zone”
  5. Start Answering the Questions.
  6. Or you can directly submit Amazon Quiz Answers visiting on below link.
Submit Amazon Students Day Quiz Answers Here on Amazon App


More details of Amazon Students Day Quiz

  1. Amazon Students Day Quiz is live on Amazon.
  2. If you give all correct answers of Amazon Students Day Quiz, You will enter in a lucky draw.
  3. winner will be declared and win Lenovo ThinkPad .


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