Top 5 Earn Money Apps For Android: Earn ₹50,000/Month
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Top 5 Earn Money Apps For Android In India, Free Money Earning Apps – There are many apps in the Google Play store that commits to pay money for using them. But later on they don’t pay. So it is hard to find genuine earning apps.

Here we will tell you top 5 android Apps that pay money to you without fail.

These best money making apps for android phones are paying since long time and we are personally earning good amount of money with these online earning apps for android.


List Of Top 5 Earn Money Apps For Android In India

Here is the list of top 5, best and 100% trusted apps to earn money with payment proofs.  

1. Mall91 App – (My Favourite)

  • [ Download Link ]
  • Enter Refer Code, You will get Rs.3 to Rs.500 joining bonus free.
  • Refer code:-  9IMJR
  • To enter Refer code, go to “Menu>profile” and enter refer code there.

Full Details About This App Must Read Here



It gives money only to active members on daily basis. Daily open scratch card & spin wheel to be active. You will get money when you open scratch card/spin wheel.

Also tell your team members to be active on daily basis. The more active members in your team, The more you earn daily.

If you want to take payment in Paytm. Use Paytm KYC number to withdraw money, else money withdrawal in Paytm will fail. You can take your money in Bank Account as well.


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Payment ProofsPayment Proofs

You can earn monthly Rs.50,000 or more if you work in a proper way. It is one of my favorite online earn money app for android in my list. Trust me, Guys I have made Rs.50,000 with this App.

Ways of Earning In this App:-

  • Refer and Earn
  • Main source of Income – Earning till 15th Level From Your Network (Refer Earn)

  • Daily Scratch card earning
  • Game Play earning
  • Spin Wheel Earning
  • Shopping Earning

Payment Proof – some snapshot of payments

payment proof 13

payment proof 12

payment proof


Step by Step Video – Click to See


2. Helo App – (highly recommended by me)

1. [Download Link] Get “Rs.1 – Rs.350” free on Joining – Instant Redeem

2. Celebrities/film stars/Govt. bodies are using this App.(100% safe and trusted Earning App)


Existing users/already using this App enter Refer Code and get “Rs.1 – Rs350” free – Instant redeem

Refer Code:-  CYKTULB

To Enter Refer Code, Click on icon in the App & enter Refer code there.


Full Details About This App Must Read Here


This is one of the best online money earning app. We have earned Rs. 1,50,000 in a month with this app.

This is a social media App where you will get exciting contents, motivational messages, funny videos etc. It is very good online earning app for android.  

Payment Proof – Some snapshots of payments

Payment Proof

payment proof 30

payment proof 31

Step by Step Video


3. PayBox

  • [ Join Link ]
  • Get Rs.50 signup bonus Free.
  • Must verify email id for signup bonus. (check spam folder)

Rs.50 Instant

It is a game and quiz website/app. It is also a good android money earning app/website.

  • Refer Earn – It pays Rs.5/Refer. The more you refer, The more you earn.
  • Self Earning Daily – Play games, quiz, contests and perform other easy tasks to earn daily money.

  • Register with Paytm KYC number to receive money without failure.

Payment Proof :-

payment proof 1

payment proof 2

payment proof 3


4. GameZop

Play game

 It is a website/app that offers games and tournaments to play & win money. You can win Rs. 11,000 per day from this website/app by playing games.

It is another best website/app from the list of top 5 earn money apps for android in India.

1. Refer & Earn  – This website/app gives 5 Rs/Refer. You can withdraw this money instantly in Paytm.

2. Play Games and Earn Money – In this App/Website, You can play games and earn money. Many peoples are winning very decent amount of money on daily basis.

Unlimited Refer and Earn Trick

1. Open chrome browser in “Incognito Mode”.  Paste your referral link in address bar. Now register with new mobile number. You will get instantly 2 Rs. in your main GameZop account.

2. Now close incognito mode.

3. Then Turn on flight mode in mobile for 5 seconds.

4. Now Turn off flight mode. In this way, IP address will get changed.

5. Repeat all steps from step 1 for each new mobile number and get 2 Rs. per new mobile number in your main GameZop account.

Payment Proof :-

payment proof

payment proof


5. CrickMania Website/App

  • [ Join Link ]
  • Get Rs.20 signup bonus free
  • Must Verify Gmail id for ₹20 signup bonus. (check spam folder)

Play games earn money from Crickmania 1

  • Self Earn – You can play games, Puzzles, Make Posts etc. and earn good amount of Paytm Cash.
  • Refer Earn – It gives your Rs.4/Refer.
  • Register with Paytm KYC number to get your payments without failure.
  • It is one of the best android money making website/App.

Play games earn money from Crickmania

Proofs :-

It’s owner is Paybox. hence payment comes from Paybox.

Crickmania payment proof 1

Crickmania payment proof 2


6. Dhani App

  • [ Download Link ]
  • Sign Up & Get ₹10 Free Mobile & DTH Recharge or Transfer to Bank. It may take upto 30 minutes to get Rs.10

Payment Received

  • It gives Rs.10 Per Refer.

Refer Earn

  • It is one of the best online money earning app for android.
  • Daily Self Earning – You can earn money by playing games, spin wheel and quiz.
  • Refer Earn – It also pays Rs.10/Refer.
  • This App has been launched by Indiabulls, which is a very big company.

Proof :-

You can see wallet balance below.

Wallet balance


7. Vahan Job Finder

  1. [ Temp. Close]It gives up to Rs.10/Refer.
  2. Click on the above Joining link. WhatsApp will be opened. Just send the code whatever is shown. It may take some time in receiving message. so wait for that.
  3. Then fill up the details and generate your referral link.
  4. When generating your referral link, Provide your Paytm KYC/Mini KYC number so that you receive the payment without fail.
  5. Start sharing your referral link to friends/WhatsApp groups.
  6. Now per click on your referral link, You will get up to Rs.10 instantly.

Payment Proofs –Vahan Payment Proof


8. RozDhan App (My Favourite)

  1. [ Download Link ] – Enter invite code & get “Rs.50” joining bonus free.
  2. Invite code :-  02PJQ2
  3. It gives Rs.6/Refer. Don’t miss this.


Full details of this AppMust Read Here


Payment Proof – Here are some snapshots of payment we have received.

payment proof

Rozdhan app payment proof 1

It is a genuine and Trending app & one of the best earn money apps for android. You can make regular earning with this on daily basis. In this App, You will get news articles and games. It is one of the best android app for earning money.

Ways of Earning:-

  • Self Earning
  • Refer and Earn
  • Earning from Your Network



9. OneAD 2 App

  • [ Download Link ]
  • Enter Refer code, You will get Rs.3 to Rs.500 joining bonus free.
  • Refer Code:-  SFDIF
  • To enter Refer code, go to “Menu>profile” and enter refer code there.


  • It gives money on daily basis to active members only. To be active,
  • Daily open scratch card and spin wheel.
  • Keep your Internet ON at this time.


Full Details About this App  – Must Read Here


If you want to earn recurring and lifetime income (means work one time and earn lifetime). Then this is the best app and no other app can compete this.

It is my favorite android app for earning money. You can earn upto 2.5 Lakh Rupees per month with this. You may be thinking is it possible. Yes this statement is 100% correct. 


Payment Proof & Our Network

Please see the below payment proof where we have earned Rs. 23,800 from this online money income App.

Payment proof

More ProofsPayment Proofs


Different Ways Of Earning In This App

1. Earn Money by Playing Games – You can earn money by playing games in this app on android phone. The games in this App are very easy to play and every game is free. It is paying money to its member since 2 years without fail. You can withdraw your money in Paytm or Bank account on daily basis.  

2. Refer,Earn & Network Income – It is basically refer and earn app. If you want to earn recurring and lifetime time Income. Then start referring and creating network. The bigger your network, The more you earn daily.

The beauty of this App – If you have referred one member and that member is active. Then It will pay you daily for that member till lifetime. For example, If the referred member is active for 5 years, It will pay till 5 years for that active member. This is applicable for all referred members till 15th Level. It pays you till 15 levels in your network.


10. Google Pay App

  1. [ Download Link ]
  2. Get Rs.21 directly in bank A/C on first send money of minimum Rs.1 to a Google Pay user
  3. Complete first send money process within 3 days after downloading the App.
  4. Must Enter Refer Code (if asked) – i7w22w


Get Rs.21 cashback – step by step (new users) – Read here


Proofs – Here is the snapshot of some cashback. It is another one of the best money making apps in India.

Google pay app payment proof, earn money apps for android in India

This online money income app is basically a payment app only for India. You can make hassle free bill payments, Mobile recharge and money transfer with this app. It is one of the best android app for earning money.

Features of this App:-

1. Good Cashback On Payments – This app pays good amount of cashback on payments. You can visit offers section in this App and check the exciting offers running.

2. Refer Earn – It gives Rs.51/Refer.

3. Chance to Win 1 Lakh Rs. – Visit Offers section in this App. Every Friday, There is a Lucky Draw where you can win 1 Lakh Rs. Please participate in that too.

Step by Step Video


11. PhonePe App

  1. [ Download Link ]
  2. Get upto Rs.1000 cashback (new users) – follow below steps and check out full T&C.
  • After downloading from the above link sign up within one hour.
  • Send minimum Rs.1 to a PhonePe user within 15 days with this App (send money using bank account. Don’t use wallet money on this first send money transaction.)
  • Offer is applicable once per bank account.
  • Offer is for limited time.


Full details about this App – Read here


Proof – See this snapshot of cashback received. Don’t you feel how easy to make money from this android app for earning money.

ShinyBaba - PhonePe App Cashback Proof

Another, one of the best money making apps in India, This is also a Payment App. This app is very popular. It also offers cashback on bill payments, money transfers, and mobile recharges.

Features of this App:-

1. Good Cashback Offers – This app gives very decent cashback on transactions. All the time many exciting cashback offers are running on this App. Check offers section in this App.

2. Refer & Earn – It gives Rs.100/Refer.


12. Amazon Pay App (Highly Recommended)

  1. [ Download Link ]
  2. It gives Rs.31/Refer. Also gives lots of cashback.
  3. Existing users will get each month very good cashback amount on send money transactions with this App.


Get Rs.50 cashback – step by step (New Users)Read Here


Proof :-

It is one of the best and trusted money making app for android. Don’t miss this.

You can earn very good amount of money with this App every month. 


13. WorkIndia

  • [ Temp close]

It is also a good android earning App. It is a Job App where you get direct calls from company HR. Here you can easily get jobs.

  1. Refer and Earn – It gives up to Rs.10/Refer scratch card. The referral amount is increased when you start referring more and more peoples. See in the below pic, we have got Rs.430 scratch card.
  2. When you open the scratch card, The money is immediately transferred to your Paytm wallet.
  3. Please register with Paytm Kyc/Mini Kyc number.
  4. The more you refer the more you earn in this App.

One Scratch card snapshot we have received.

Work India App Payment proof



We have tried to cover the best and reliable Top 5 earn money apps for android. These online money making apps for android phones are 100% trusted and tested.

I want to grow this list which is not possible without your support. If you know other android apps that pay you money. Please let us know in the comment section.


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