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Hi guys, We are back again with a new money earning app Mantri Mall game color prediction App. It is very genuine & trusted money earning app. It is a colour prediction app. You can easily earn money daily by predicting Red/Green color in this app.

It is giving payment since last 4 years without fail.

MantriMall Game Login – Earn Money Daily by Color Prediction

1. Login in this app from below link.

2. Register with mobile number.

MantriMall Game App referral or Recommendation code :- 969612

3. Check complete earning process explained later on in this article.

4. Also join MantriMall Telegram Group for daily color prediction & updates from below link.

MantriMalls App Payment Proof

This app is giving payments since last 4 years. It is 100% genuine & trusted earning App.

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How to Earn Daily from MantriMall Game Color Prediction App/Apk

You can easily earn daily by playing game(Predicting color Red or Green) in this app.

MantriMalls App Payment Proof

First I was also not trusting. but when we started to get such huge amount from this Mantri mall game color prediction App/Website. Then we got confidence that it is trusted and 100% real earning App.

There are 2 methods to earn from this App :-

  1. Earning by playing games (Predicting color)
  2. Refer and Earn 

We will explain each method in details here.

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Earn Daily by Playing Games in Mantrimall App – 100% Winning Trick

Get Double Money on Winning – For example, If you selected one color (red or green) and your selected color comes in result. You will get double money of your investment. If you invested Rs.10, You will get Rs.20.

Winning Amount = Double of your investment

You can play unlimited game & Earn money. It works 24 x 7.

Follow below 100% Winning tricks to earn money from Mantri Mall Game App

There are 4 games in this App – Parity, Spare, Bcone & Emerd . All are same. only name is different and result comes different in all games.

Best Trick In MantriMalls App
  • See the color trend – See the last color result and previous color results as shown in picture above. and follow below as explained in Trend No.1 and Trend No.2.
  • Always select only Red or Green Color. Violet color always comes in result with Red or Green color. So don’t select violet color. Color numbers are also useless. don’t select color numbers.

For Daily Prediction, Join MantriMall Game Color Prediction Telegram Group from below link.

Color Trend 1 :- If Red or Green any one color is repeating again and again.

  • Select the same color which came in result. For example, If red came in result, Select Red again. If Green came in result, Select Green again. You will win.
  • If anytime color repeating stops. means trend changes. follow below Color Trend 2.
  • If different color came in result from your selected color. On Next color selection, Invest Triple amount again. Follow this Triple Investment trick until your selected color comes in result. If at any time you win, You will get big profit.

In case of Color Trend 1, You will win 100% in 2nd times along with Huge Profit.

Color Trend 2 :- If Red or Green color is not repeating or Trend is not stable.

  • Select only one color (Red or Green) again and again. Use 3x investment trick (explained below) each time on your next color selection.

In case of  Color Trend 2, You will win in 3rd time with big profit .

Important :- Trends changes between Color Trend 1 & Color Trend 2. so play according to trends as explained.

Maintain 4 to 6 level fund using 3x invest method to win.

You will win & double your money in 2 to 6 times game play.

(100% Winning/Profit) 3X Investment Trick – Always use Triple amount Investment trick to earn money from Mantri Mall Game App. If you win at any time. Your all previous fail selections loss will get covered with big profit.

  • 3X Investment Trick= Invest Triple amount again, If result is different from your selected red or green color.

3x Investment Trick Benefit – (All previous fail selections loss covered + Big Profit Also)

You can check below Example.


Total Profit : Rs.200

You can see, we got Rs.200 profit within minutes. So if you play more, You will earn more money. You can play 24*7 and earn money.

2 Level Team Earning in MantriMall Game App : If referred members play game. you will get commission till 2 level. This is very good feature of this app. Check your team earning under “bonus record” section.

Note :- Never share any OTP & Password to anyone in any case.

Refer and Earn (₹158 Per Referral) from MantriMalls Game Color Prediction App

Its refer and earn program is very very good. It is giving Rs.158/Refer if referred member recharges with Minimum ₹300 or more.

Also It gives refer bonus till 2 level.

  • Go to “Promotion” section, You will get your refer link here. It is giving Rs.158 per referral if referred member makes recharge with minimum ₹300 or more.
  • Click on “Apply to Balance” tab, Your referral bonus will go to available balance before 10 PM night daily.

Play any color prediction game as explained below and withdraw your winnings to bank account.

MantriMalls App Refer Earn Referral Code

MantriMall Color Prediction App – Withdrawal Process

You can withdraw money by going to “withdrawal” section. Minimum withdrawal is Rs.230. Just play some game, Make 230 Rs. and withdraw money.

MantriMalls App download, Trick to earn

Understand MantriMalls Game App Terms

Under “Win” Tab, You will see 4 color prediction games – Parity, Sapre, Bcone, Emerd. 

All games are very simple and exactly of same type. I am briefly explaining the terms used in this App.

mantrimalls earning app download

The terms used here are same in all 4 games :-

  • There are 4 games of same type. Only Result is different in all 4 games – Parity, Sapre, Bcone, Emerd.
  • Period : It is the game number. Its value changes after every 3 minutes.
  • Count down : It is of 3 minutes. during this time, you can select any color (Red or Green). Never select Violet color. Click on “Join Green” or “Join Red” Tabs to select colors.
  • Record : It shows the results of previous color prediction.
Best Trick In MantriMalls App

Mantri Mall Game App Payment Proof

We are earning daily good money from this app. Here are some snapshots of Payment proof.

MantriMalls App Payment Proof
mantrimalls app download - Rs.48,500 Payment Proof

Features of MantriMall Colour Prediction Game App

  • You can earn money daily by guessing (Red or Green) colour.
  • Minimum withdrawal is Rs.230. Just play some game and withdraw your money.
  • Refer & Earn – It gives Rs.158 Per Referral if referred member recharges with minimum ₹300 or more. Also it gives 2 Level 30% and 20% commission lifetime if your referred members plays games. The more members you refer with your refer link, The more commission you get daily. So you can earn daily very high commission by Mantrimall game refer and earn system. You can add your referred members in prediction Telegram Group mentioned above in this article. so your referred members can play games and you earn commission.

FAQs About MantriMall Game Colour Predicion Earning App

Here are some FAQS answers.

MantriMalls Earning App is real or fake

It is 100% real App. It is giving payments without fail since 4 years. We are daily earning money from it.

MantriMall Game App Color Prediction Trick

Must follow 2 tricks as explained above in this article to earn daily from MantriMalls App/Website.

Mantri Mall Game App Apk Download

You can easily download mantri mall app apk by login in its website itself. or you can get this app apk link in prediction telegram group link given above in this article.

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