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Hi Guys, Here we will tell you about top 10 android Apps that will pay money to you without fail.

These best money making apps are paying since long time and we are personally earning good amount of money with these earning apps.

Top 10 Earn Money Apps For Android In India

We have explained below about best money earning apps.

These all apps are 100% trusted and we are using all these apps.

1. MantriMalls Website/App

Must join Here for daily updates on this App.

You can self earn daily Rs.2000 – Rs.20,000 very easily from this website/App. Also It gives 2 level commission from your referral network. It gives Rs.158/Refer if referred member recharges with minimum Rs.300. It is 100% trusted and genuine money earning app in India.

1. After registering in App/website, Go to “win” tab and select Red or Green color. If your selected color comes in result. You will get double money of betting amount. You can select Red/Green color every 3 minute and win double money every 3 minute.

The more betting amount the more money you win.

2. This App is giving payment since 3 years. Don’t miss.

Read Full Earning Process :- Visit Here

New Earning App

Refer Earn – It is giving Rs.158/Refer if referred members recharge with minimum Rs.300. Also it gives 2 level commission if referred members select colors. Go to “me” tab, then “promotion” tab. you will see all your referred bonus here. Click “Apply to balance”. All your referred bonus with go under Available balance after some time.


Payment Proof:-

Payment Proof
Rs.48,500 payment proof

2. Toluna Website/App

You can easily earn Rs.1000 every month. Complete simple Questions answers in free time & redeem your money.

New users are getting instant 60,000 points = Rs.600 Questions answers.

Trick :- Must use below date of birth year trick for high value earning.  ??

1. Signup with your email id only & enter only below date of birth year. Must verify email for 500 points. Check spam folder if verification mail not received in inbox.

2. Must enter date Of Birth year between [1982 – 1994] [ age 26 to 40 Years ].

3. Now complete your full profile.

4. You can redeem your points to PayTm Cash, Amazon Gift Cards, Flipkart Gift Cards & PayPal.

?Note : Must complete 1 Question and Answer to keep your account active.

money earning app

You can also refer and earn. It is one of the best online money earning android app/Website.

Note – remember signup details, date of  birth year, city used at the time of registration. use the same details if asked again.

Payment Proofs

payment proof 202
payment proof 203

3. Fastwin Website/App

You can earn unlimited money from this website/App. It gives Rs.40 Signup bonus, Rs.500 Per referral, Self Earning and 3 level 40% high team commission till lifetime.

We earned Rs.5 Lakhs from this website.

1. You will get Rs.40 free signup bonus.

2. Join here for updates & daily free Rs.10 promo codes for this App.

3. You can daily earn Rs.5000 – Rs.50000+ from this App.

Read Full Earning Process and Tricks :- Visit Here

It gives Per refer ₹500 + 3 level 40% high team commission till lifetime.

It is a good online money earning website/App.

payment proof 66

Refer Earn – You can refer and earn unlimited money.

This website gives ₹500/ Refer + 3 level 40% network earning from your referrals. It is best earning feature of it. Just start referring. If referred members performs activities in this website/App. You get very high commission by referred members.

It is one of my favorite money earning App/Website. You can easily earn Rs.5000+ daily from this. don’t miss this

Payment Proof:-

payment proof 151
payment proof 152

4. YonoGames Rummy App

It gives free Rs.100 – Rs.500 signup bonus. We are earning daily Rs.1000 – Rs.3000 from this App. It gives payment within seconds in your bank account. It is one of the best money earning app in India.

1. It gives Rs.100 – Rs.500 signup bonus. Must add your mobile number for bonus.

2. Get upto Rs.155 on Daily check in till 7 days.

Full details about this App :- Check Here

It gives daily 1 free spin upto Rs.1000.

Refer Earn : It gives Per Refer Rs.50 + 1 Free spin upto Rs.1000. Also it gives network earning commission till 3 levels which is very high.

Minimum redeem is only Rs.100.

Payment Proof
Payment Proof

5. Amazon Website/App

It gives unlimited shopping cashbacks & send money offers.

You will get each month many cashback offers in this website/App. Each month you can earn very good cashback with this.

Proof :-

6. YouGov

You can earn free Rs.3600 + Rs.3600 unlimited. You have to complete simple Questions answers in free time & collect points. Then withdraw these points.

Trick :- Must enter Age 40+ for more & high earning?

1. Register with email id only. Verify your mail id by clicking on verification mail received in your mail inbox.

2. Trick – Must enter your age 40 Years + for more & high earning. Answer the questions thinking that you are a rich man.

3. Now complete welcome questions & Answers. You will get 100 Points for completing these.

Money earning App without investment in india

4. You will receive Questions & answers notification on your email id. Complete these Questions & Answers. Collect 5000 points & withdraw your points to Rs.3600 Paytm Cash. It is regular lifetime earning App.

Note :- Remember date of birth year/Age, City & other details used at the time of joining. Use the same details whenever these details are asked again.

Payment Proofs

payment proof Rs.3600

7. ColorWiz App/Website

It is one of the best money earning apps in India. You can easily earn daily Rs.5000 – Rs.90,000.

We are daily earning Rs.50000+ from this best money earning App/Website.

1. After Joining, go to the “win tab” and start earning money.

2. Refer Earn : Also it gives Per Refer Rs. 150 + 2 level commission.

Read Full earning tricks about this App:- Visit Here

Here are some payment proofs below.

payment proof
Payment Proof

8. TP Gold App

It gives free Rs.100 on joining + Self earning + Refer & earn huge commission till 2 level. Instant Payment within 5 minutes. It is one of the best money earning app in India.

We earned Rs.3,50,000 from this App.

Play “Dragon vs Tiger” & earn Rs.500 – Rs.3000 daily. Must use 100% winning 3x Trick explained here.

Best Money Making App in India Country

Refer Earn – It is giving very high commission till 2 level from your team. Work with full power in this App guys. Share your referral links on WhatsApp, Facebook to get more and more members under your team. The more you refer, the more you earn.

Get your refer & earn income next day. Click on “Message tab” and collect your refer earn income.

Payment Proofs :- We are earning money daily from this App. Here are some payment proofs.

Best Money Making App in India Country
Best Refer earn app in India Payment Proof

9. Cred App 

It is giving Free Rs.250 – Rs.1000 cashback + Rs. 750 – Rs.1500 per Refer. It is one of the best money earning Apps in India. It is official sponsor of IPL and 100% genuine and trusted App.

Get Free Rs.250 – Rs.1000 cashback?.

1. Create your account & add your credit card.

2. Pay minimum Rs.1000 credit card bill of your credit card. If your credit card bill is not due. You can pay in advance and it will be adjusted in next bill.

Best Money Earning Apps in India

3. You will get instantly Rs.250 – Rs.1000 cashback. Great, It is very big amount.

payment proof
Rs.799 Payment instant Received

4. Refer Earn : It gives Per Refer Rs.750 – Rs.1500. It is very big amount. start referring to your friends and start making huge money daily.

10. Supwin App/Website

It gives Rs.151 signup bonus. Also it gives per refer Rs.10, 30₹ per valid refer + 4 level commission . This App is running since long time and giving payments instant.

1. You will get Rs.151 signup bonus. Make Rs.200 with this sign up bonus and withdraw it instantly.

2. Refer Earn : It gives per refer Rs.10, 30₹ per valid refer and 4 level refer earn commission.

Payment Proofs : 

Rs.4825 withdrawal proof

11. PhonePe App

It gives Rs.100/Refer. Also gives many cashback offers daily.

Must follow below steps for cashback.

It gives upto Rs.1000 cashback (new users) – follow below steps and check out full T&C.

After downloading from the above link sign up within one hour.

Must complete first transaction for cashback – Mobile recharge, bill payment, send money (minimum Rs.100 to anyone) etc.

Refer and Earn – This App gives Rs.100/Refer. Start referring and make huge amount of money.

Full details about this App – Read here

Proof – See this snapshot of cashback received. Don’t you feel how easy to make money from this android app for earning money.

ShinyBaba - PhonePe App Cashback Proof

Another, one of the best money making apps in India, This is also a Payment App. This app is very popular. It also offers cashback on bill payments, money transfers, and mobile recharges.

Features of this App

  • Good Cashback Offers – This app gives very decent cashback on transactions. All the time many exciting cashback offers are running on this App. Check offers section in this App.
  • Refer & Earn – You can also earn money with this App Referral scheme. It gives very decent amount per referral.

12. Google Pay App

Get free Rs.21 signup bonus(directly in bank) and Rs.175/Refer. After downloading, to get Rs.21 signup bonus.

Get Rs.21 Free – step by step

1. To get ₹21 signup bonus instant in bank account, complete first transaction – Mobile recharge, bill payment, send money (minimum Rs.100 to anyone) etc.

2. Must enter Google Pay Code i7w22w (before your first transaction.)

Cashback Proofs :-

Here is the snapshot of some cashback. It is another one of the best money making apps in India.

Google pay app payment proof, earn money apps for android in India

This online money income app is basically a payment app only for India. You can make hassle free bill payments, Mobile recharge and money transfer with this app. It is one of the best android app for earning money.

Features of this App

  • Good Cashback On Payments – This app pays good amount of cashback on payments. You can visit offers section in this App and check the exciting offers running.
  • Refer and Earn – It gives Rs.175/Referral. You can earn good money with its referral scheme.
  • Chance to Win 1 Lakh Rs. – Visit Offers section in this App. Every Friday, There is a Lucky Draw where you can win 1 Lakh Rs. Please participate in that too.

13. VClub App/Website

It is giving Rs.121 sign in bonus. Also it gives per refer Rs.30 and 1 scratch card upto Rs.180. This App is running since very long time. It gives payments instant.

1. You will get Rs.121 joining bonus. Make Rs.200 with sign in bonus & withdraw it.

2. Refer and Earn : It gives Rs.30 per valid refer and 1 scratch card upto Rs.180.

Check Full Earning Details about this App :- Visit Here

Payment Proofs :-

We have received many payments from this App. Here are some payment proof.

Payment Proof
Payment Proof

14. Super Winner App

It gives Rs.100 signup bonus, Rs.10/Refer + unlimited self earning + 2 level huge Refer and earn commission. There are many self earning methods in this website/App.

We have earned Rs. 2 Lakh from this App. Also daily we are earning Rs.5000+ from this App.

After Registration, You will get Rs.100 signup bonus.

Also daily open this app. Go to daily bonus tab and collect daily money. On 3rd & on 7th day you may get Rs.50 & Rs.150 respectively.

Payment Proof

Play Tiger vs Elephant & earn unlimited money from this App. Use 100% winning 3x Trick explained in this article.

Refer and Earn – It gives 2 level very huge referral commission. on 1st level Rs.10/Refer and on 2nd level Rs.5/Refer. The more your refer the more you earn.

Refer & Earn, Best money earning app In India

Withdraw Money :– Play “Tiger vs Elephant”. Your money will go to winning tab. You can withdraw this money.

You can earn unlimited money from this website/App. It is one of the best money earning earning app in India.

Payment Proofs :- It is giving payments without failure. Here are some payment proofs.

payment proof


We have covered the best and reliable Top 10 earn money apps for android. These online money making apps for android phones are 100% trusted and tested.

We want to grow this list which is not possible without your support. If you know other android apps that pay you money. Please let us know in the comment section.

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