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As you know that Facebook is the Top class Social media. Most of the people use Facebook now a days. We will suggest here 20+ Most Active Facebook Groups List for promotion of a MLM Business and for boosting Web Traffic.

The Facebook Groups mentioned here are specially suitable if you are doing Business in India.

If you use Facebook in a proper way. You can get big success in your business.

Groups are niche specific. So If you join groups that suits your Business niche. You get very good response.

So friends, If you don’t know how to use Facebook. Please start learning how to use Facebook.

Follow Rules Else You Will Get Banned

My Facebook account has been suspended many times due to mistakes. Please don’t do these mistakes when using Facebook.

I have learnt from my experience and telling you the same.

Please follow below rules else Facebook will suspend or terminate your account.

Facebook Group Rules:-

1) – Do not post too fast. There should be a gap of 30 minutes between 2 posts.

2) – Don’t comment too fast. There should be a gap of 5 minutes between 2 comments.

3) – Never comment same text/same matter again and again. Facebook considers it as spamming.

4) – If you post same matter again and again. Facebook will consider that you are spamming. It will delete your post. If you do this again and again, Facebook will put restrictions on your account and you will not get much organic traffic means your post will not reach to the peoples.

5) – Don’t share too fast in groups or pages. If you shared some post in a group then stop for at least 4 hrs.  Then share in another group. In this way you will get better results.

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Most Active Facebook Groups List

You can simply search for Groups in Facebook and check their members counts. In this way you can search more and more groups in Facebook.

We are suggesting here some big & most active Facebook Groups list . If you post in these Facebook Groups, you will get very high traffic if you follow the Facebook Group rules as mentioned above.

If you are promoting any networking business in India, then these Facebook Groups are very good to join.


We have suggested here some most active Facebook Groups list. These Facebook Groups are very beneficial for any person who does networking business or wants to boost the website traffic in India.

We will be updating this space with more & more Important Facebook Groups. Please let us know in comment section if you know about some big and active Facebook Groups. We will mention that group here.

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