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How to Earn Money from YouTube, Full tutorial – earn money from YouTube channel and videos in simple steps. YouTube is a video platform run by google where you can make big amount of money online. Read complete article to know how to earn money from YouTube step by step.

YouTube is very popular now a days where you can become famous, make your brand famous, and earn a big amount of money online.

Most of the YouTubers have chosen YouTube as a full time job and are dependent on earnings from YouTube.

How much money from YouTube you can earn?

If you work in a proper way and with correct strategy. then you can earn million dollars or more per month from YouTube.

Step by step guide – How to earn money from YouTube?

Please follow step by step. After reading this article, You will get in depth knowledge on earning from YouTube. Also you will get tips for success in YouTube.

1. Create YouTube Channel

To make money from YouTube, first of all you should have a YouTube channel. It is free to make a YouTube channel and YouTube doesn’t charge any money for this.

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Pro tips – Use proper description in the about section, use proper keywords for your channel so that your YouTube channel appears in YouTube search results if somebody searches for your channel on YouTube.

2. Follow YouTube Partner Program Policy to earn money from YouTube

Remember, If you want to earn money from YouTube, You have to strictly follow YouTube policies. Most of the Youtubers make this mistake and later on they face many problems when they apply for monetization.

It is better to read and understand YouTube polices carefully. Then start making videos.

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3. Decide Video Content Category/Niche

To get success in YouTube, decide the topics on which you will create videos. You should create videos on single category/niche i.e. technology, food, lifestyle, health etc. on a YouTube channel.

Don’t make videos on multiple categories on a YouTube channel else you will not get good and loyal subscribers. You will not get views on your videos if you deal in multiple categories on a single YouTube channel.

If you want to create videos on multiple categories, then make different channel for each category.

Our advise – you should select the topics/niche as per your interest.

4. Upload Videos to YouTube Channel

As we have already told that YouTube is a video platform. You have to upload videos to your YouTube channel. You can upload videos to YouTube channel by your mobile phone or by your computer.

Points to remember-

a. Videos should be created by yourself to avoid copy right issues.

b. There should be no water marks on the videos (Some free video editors leave their watermarks on videos).

c. Your video content and video Quality should be good so that people watch your videos with interest and your videos get good watch time. High Quality video should be uploaded i.e HD(720p), FHD(1080p), QHD(1440p)

You should have following equipments for creating good quality YouTube videos.

Equipments for creating YouTube Videos

If you are a beginner, or you don’t have a lot of money to invest on YouTube setup. You can create high quality videos with these minimal equipments that you can buy with a very low investment.

(i)  Camera for recording YouTube videos

To shoot videos, You need a good video recording camera. Now a days the camera of mobile phones are of very good quality.

If you have budget constraint and cannot buy a DSLR camera. then buy a mobile phone with good camera and use your mobile phone for recording videos.

If you can afford DSLR camera then buy a good quality DSLR camera/camcorder.

Check Out DSLR Camera On Amazon Check Out Mobile Phone On Amazon


(ii)  Best microphone for recording YouTube videos

You need a good microphone to record your voice. But If you have budget problem. You can use your mobile and speak loudly while recording audio. But this doesn’t work most of the time. As you may get voice distortion, surrounding noise.

There are many microphones in the market from low price to very high price. But most of the Youtubers use Boya microphone which fits in budget.

Boya microphone works in mobile phone and DSLR camera as well. The sound quality is very decent of this product. Boya BY-M1 microphone is the best microphone for Youtubers.

We are also using this microphone. Always buy Boya BY-M1 microphone from a trusted shop or trusted online store.

We have bought it from Amazon which is the biggest trusted online store. For your help, we are giving buy link below. You can buy from here with 100% surety.

Check Out Boya BY-M1 Microphone On Amazon


(iii)  Tripod

One tripod stand is required to hold your mobile phone or camera while recording the video. Tripods come in many sizes from small to big. Please buy a good tripod as per your requirement.

Check Out Tripod On Amazon

You can buy this tripod as it is in budget and flexible. You can move your camera or mobile in whatever angle you want.

Check Out best budget Tripod On Amazon


(iv)  Photo Editing Software for YouTube Video Thumbnail

You have to design good looking & attractive thumbnail for your videos. Thumbnail is a face of a video like a book cover. Thumbnails play major role in getting views on videos. If thumbnail of a video is good, then people will tend to see the video.

You need good and pro level photo editing software for this work. You can check out this free and pro photo editing app available on Google play store.

Download Free & Best Photo Editor


(v)  Video Editing Software

Recorded videos need editing to cut wrongly recorded portion of video, giving effects in video, adding layers in videos, putting your channel logo, text, adding intro in video and adding outro in video.

To do all these things, we need a good video editing software for producing a good quality video.

I have seen many video editing software that leaves watermark “made with software name” in their free version. So don’t use free version. Else your videos will not be monetized by YouTube and you will not be able to earn money from YouTube.

But the pro version of these kinds of softwares is very costly. Most of the beginners cannot afford that amount of money.

Some good video editing softwares are Kinemaster, Power director, Camtasia & Filmora.

If you want to edit your videos on mobile then Kinemaster video editor is best for you. But in free version it leaves water marks. Its pro version is very costly and costs around 2200 Rs. to 3300 Rs. for 1 year.

5. Tags, Description and Title of a Video

After uploading videos on YouTube, If you use tags, title & description in a proper way. then your videos will get more and more views.

Title, Description & Tags are very important to appear your videos in search results and suggested videos. They play major roles in making your videos viral.

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Pro Tip – use TubeBuddy for finding, analyzing good tags for your videos.

Check Out TubeBuddy

6. Regular uploading of Videos

You have to upload videos on YouTube regularly i.e you can upload videos on daily, weekly or monthly. Means there should be some regularity. If you upload videos on regular basis. Your channel will get its benefit and your channel will be in good outstanding position.

Your videos will get more and more views if you are regular on YouTube.

7. Follow below methods to earn money from YouTube

You have learnt to make YouTube channel and creating and uploading videos on YouTube. There are many ways to earn money from YouTube.

(i)  Monetize YouTube channel & Earn money from YouTube

This is the most popular way to earn money from YouTube channel. You have to meet some requirements on your YouTube Channel before you can apply for monetizaion.

YouTube Monetization Requirements

1. You should have at least 1000 subscriber on your YouTube channel.

2. There should be a watch time of 4000 hrs on your YouTube channel in the last 12 months from the date of applying for monetization.

3. You should follow all YouTube Partner Program Policy.

4. You should have a linked adsense account with your YouTube channel

5. YouTube Partner Program should be available in your country.

How to Monetize YouTube Channel

1. Sign in to your YouTube account.

2. Click on the YouTube account icon on the top right corner.

3. Go to Creator studio.

4. Go to channel > status and features

5. Now click enable in the Monetization section.

6. Follow on-screen process step by step.

Monetize YouTube Channel- apply for YouTube monetization

7. You will be asked to create adsense account if you don’t have adsense account. If you have already adsense account, then you can link your existing adsense account with your YouTube account.

monetize YouTube channel

Review by Google Adsense and YouTube team

Your adsense request for YouTube channel will be reviewed by Google adsense team. If you have followed YouTube Partner program policies. Then you will get approval from adsense team.

After getting approval from adsense team, YouTube team will review your channel. And If they find everything good. They will enable monetization on your YouTube channel.

Now Advertisements will be shown on your videos by YouTube. And you will earn from these ads on your videos.

How much money do you make per view on YouTube?

Making money from YouTube depends on CPC of advertisements, Number of advertisements shown by Google on your videos.

If your videos are advertiser friendly, then many ads will be served on your videos per 1000 views.

Hence make advertiser friendly videos to earn good amount of money from YouTube.

(ii)  Do Affiliate Marketing & Earn money from YouTube

Another way of making money from YouTube is affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is a great source of income. If it is done with a proper strategy. You can make huge amount of money per month.

On your YouTube channel, You can review products/software/apps and give their affiliate links in the description of videos. When someone buys from your affiliate links. You get commission on each sale.

“For example, Suppose You run a technology YouTube channel. You have done a review of a mobile and put your affiliate buy link of that mobile in the description of video.”

“Simply You can say in your video, I have given the buy link in description. You can buy it from here.”

If someone buys that mobile from your affiliate buy link. Then you will get commission from your affiliate program partner.”

There are many online marketplaces that offer affiliate programs i.e. Amazon, Flipkart, vCommission and many more.

Amazon affiliate program is very famous and trusted.

(iii)  Sponsored/Paid Products Reviews to earn money from YouTube

Most of the companies offer money for reviewing and promoting their products on YouTube channel.

If you have good number of subscribers. And you make videos on a single category/niche i.e. technology, lifestyle, food etc. Then companies can contact you directly to promote their products. You can take good amount of money from the companies for doing this.

So focus on single niche on your YouTube channel and build good number of subscribers to get Sponsorship.

If your YouTube channel is small in the starting and companies are not contacting you for sponsorship. Then you can try for sponsorship on famebit site.

You can directly contact companies and ask for sponsorship.

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At the end of this article on earning money from YouTube

We have tried to explain in depth about how to earn money from YouTube. Anyone can start his career on YouTube as a part time. If you take YouTube seriously. Then surely you can earn good amount of money from it.

We are running YouTube channel and have written this article by our experience. We have taken care for beginners so that they get proper guidance.

Please let us know in the comment section if you have any queries.


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