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Fiewin App/Apk Download, Fiewin Game Apk download, Fiewin Earning App Download, Fiewin login, Fiewin App/Website Sign up – Hi guys, We will discuss here about Fiewin app details which is a game play and earn money app, You can easily earn money from Fiewin App.

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Fiewin App/APK Payment Proofs

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Fiewin App/Apk Download – Get Rs.10 free & Earn Daily Rs.5000+

  • Register on Fiewin App/Website from below link.
Join Fiewin App
  • Sign up with mobile number.
  • You will get instantly Rs.10 as sign up bonus.
  • Join Fiewin Telegram group for daily Fiewin Lifafa & payment proofs.

Fiewin App – How to Earn Daily Rs.5000+

There are two ways to earn money from Fiewin App.

  1. Play Game & Earn Rs.5000 daily or more
  2. Refer & Earn – get 3 level high Team commission lifetime

We will explain each method in details.

Fiewin App : Play Game & Earn Rs.5000+ daily

There are many games in this App. But we will explain tricks only for below 2 games.

  • Circle Game
  • Fast Parity
  • MineSweeper
  • Andar Bahar
  • Crash
  • Dice
  • HiLo

Note :- Never share any OTP & Password to anyone in any case.

1. Fiewin Circle Game : Earn Rs.5000+ Daily

You can easily earn Rs.5000+ from Fiewin circle game. It is very easy to win. Must watch below video for winning.

Video ( Must Watch )

2. Fiewin Parity / Fast Parity Game 100% Win

You can easily win Rs.500 – Rs.5000 daily or more from Fiewin Fast Parity Game. You have to predict color in this game.

If your selected color comes in result. You will win & get double money. Your money will become double.

Fiewin Game App winning Tricks

📣Must Join Fiewin Colour Prediction Telegram Group from below link.

Join Fiewin Colour Prediction Telegram Group


Always use 100% winning 3x Trick :-

3X Trick = Invest 3x amount of previous investment, If result is not matched with your selected color.

Benefit of 3x Trick – (Any fail result covered + Huge Profit)

Fiewin Game App Rs.1000 Daily Earning

  • First of All, keep 5 – 6 level fund using 3x investment method explained below.
  • Open Fast Parity/Parity game & only select “Join Red or Join Green” color. Don’t select Voilet color. Voilet color will always come along with Red or Green color in Result.
  • Color Trend – Must watch Previous color results in Record section (see above pic.)

Color Trend No.1 :- If red or green color is repeating again and again.

  1. Select same color which came in result. if red came in result, select red. If green came in result select green. You will win.
  2. If trend changes or it becomes unstable anytime. Follow below Color Trend No.2
  3. If any color selection fail. On Next Color selection, invest 3x amount as explained 3x trick above. You will get huge profit.

🔴 In case of Trend No.1, You will 100% win in 2nd time with huge profit.

Color Trend No.2 :- if red or green color is not repeating or trend in unstable.

  • Select only Red again and again or Only Green again and again and use 3x trick if first selection fail. You will win in 3rd time.

🔴 In case of Trend No. 2, You will 100% win in 3rd time with huge profit.

Important :- Trends changes between Trend No.1 & Trend No.2. So you have to see the trends & play according to Trend No.1 & Trend No.2 as explained above.

keep 5 – 6 level fund using 3x invest method to win.

You will 100% win & double your money in 2nd – 6th times play

see below from example.

Color selected

(by You)


(3X Trick)

Win/FailDouble Money

On Winning

RedRedRs.10WinRs.2010 Rs.
RedRedRs.10WinRs.2010 Rs.
RedGreenRs.10Fail0-10 Rs.
RedGreenRs.30 (3x Invest)Fail0-30 Rs.
GreenGreenRs.90 (3x Invest)WinRs.18090 Rs.
GreenGreenRs.10WinRs.2010 Rs.
GreenRedRs.10Fail0-10 Rs.
GreenRedRs.30 (3x Invest)Fail0-30 Rs.
RedRedRs.90 (3x Invest)WinRs.18090 Rs.

Totol Profit = Rs. 130 in some minutes.

This game runs 24*7. You can win Rs.500 – Rs.5000 daily or unlimited money from this game.

You can see below video for live winning.

Video ( Must Watch )

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3. Fiewin Minesweeper Game

You will win 99% on game play using this method.

  • Open Minesweeper game & Play with Rs.10.
  • When you are confident & got some ideas of game, You can play with high amount of money.

Fiewin APP/APK Game Play Winning Trick

  • Start seeing below in everyone order section. and immediately click on the box the latest number you see. Open only 4 or 5 boxes and stop the game.

Fiewin Game APP/APK Winning Trick

  • You will win 99% in game, If you play as explained.

Fiewin Game APP/APK Winning Trick

  • Now play again & again the same minesweeper game.
  • Follow the same trick again & again and win.
  • You can redeem this winning money instantly. Payment comes within seconds.

Video ( Must Watch )

FieWin Daily Check in, Get upto Rs.50,000

Daily Open Fiewin App/Website & Check in. You will get daily upto Rs.3.

Complete regular check in till 7 days, Treasure box will get unlocked. You may win here upto Rs.50,000.

You can redeem this money just by play game & win.

Fiewin App/Website Daily Check in

Fiewin App Refer Earn – Daily Rs.500 – Rs.5000+

Fiewin App/Website refer and earn program is very very rewarding. You can earn Rs.500 – Rs.5000 per day or more from Fiewin Refer & Earn Program.

It pays Per Refer 3 Level High commission.

Also Fiewin App pays referral commission till 3 level, If referred members play game.

Fiewin Game APP/APK Refer and Earn

You get commission every time, when a referred member plays game in Fiewin App/website. and this commission is till 3 level.

The commission value depends on the game play value. The more value game is played. The more high commission.

This referral commission is different at each level.

So start referring as much as you can. The more you refer, The more you earn daily from Fiewin App/Website.

Fiewin App – Withdraw Money

You can just click on withdraw button and take your payment. Just enter your UPI ID to get the payment.

Fiewin withdrawal time is instant. Payment comes within seconds. It may 5 minutes in some times.

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Fiewin App – Payment Proof

These are some snapshots of payments received from Fiewin.

Fiewin App/APK Payment Proofs

Fiewin App/APK Payment Proofs

Fiewin Game APP/APK download

There is no need to download Fiewin APP/APK. You can just sign up in its website and do all the things you will do in its App.

Still If you want to download Fiewin Game APP/APK. You can download it from here.

Pros of Fiewin Game App/APK

  1. You can play easy games and earn good amount of money.
  2. You can earn Rs.500 – Rs.5000 per day or more from Fiewin refer earn program.
  3. Games are very easy to play
  4. It gives payments instantly.

Cons of Fiewin Game App/APK

It has no cons. Play games & use Fiewin winning trick as explained above to win games and earn money.

Also share this App as much as you can with your friends and on social media. You will earn huge commission.

Fiewin Game FAQs

Here are some FAQs about Fiewin game App/Website.

1. What is fiewin App/Website

Fiewin is a best money earning app/website. Trust me. You can easily earn Rs.500 – Rs.5000 daily. You can earn huge money by easy games & refer earn 3 level lifetime commissi0n.

2. Fiewin Fake or Real

It is 100% real App which gives payment instantly. We are earning daily huge amount of money from Fiewin. You can check payment proofs on our Telegram Channel. We are taking payment from this App daily. and it is coming instantly without fail.


You can earn Rs.5000 daily or more from Fiewin game App/Website. This is 100% real.

Use Fiewin winning trick to win games. Also Fiewin refer and earn million cash growth program is best.

You can earn huge amount of money daily from Fiewin refer and earn & get million of cash commission from level wise income. Payment comes instantly in Fiewin.

Join Free Telegram Earn ₹5000 Daily... participants
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