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Amazon Quiz Answers 31 March 2020 Today: Win Exciting Prizes Daily
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Amazon Quiz Answers Today, Amazon Quiz Contest Today Answer – Guys, Amazon India is organizing App only quiz contest on daily basis. Which starts from 8 AM and End at 12 PM.

In this Amazon Quiz Time, You have to answers some questions. And If you answers correctly, You will be eligible to win the Prizes. The winners will be announced on the 30th of every month by lucky draw.

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Amazon Daily Quiz Questions and Answers will be updated @ 8:08 AM. Please Refresh the Page.


Amazon Pay Quiz Time/Quiz Contest Details

Timings – Daily 8 AM to 12 PM IST

Where To Play – Only on Amazon App


Amazon Quiz Contest Answers Today [31 March 2020] – Win Canon 1500D DSLR

Q1. Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, whose birth centenary was celebrated in March 2020, was the founder President of which country?


Q2. Which Indian badminton player recently won the BBC India ‘Sports Woman of the Year’ Award?

Answer – PV Sindhu

Q3. Which of these Bollywood actors is playing the lead role in the remake of the Govinda hit Coolie No. 1?

Answer – Varun Dhawan

Q4. On 23rd March, the WMO came into force, and a day is thus celebrated to draw attention towards weather and climate. Expand WMO.

AnswerWorld Meteorological Organisation

Q5. Which city had to withdraw from hosting the Olympics in 1908, after a nearby volcano eruption?

Answer – Rome

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How to Participate In Amazon Pay Quiz Contest Question Answers

Amazon India offers very great prizes in quiz contest. In my opinion, Everyone should participate in this Amazon quiz time. which takes only 1 minutes to answer the questions of Amazon pay quiz.

Please follow below to participate in Amazon Daily Quiz contest of question answers.

  1. First Of All, Download Amazon App, If you have not downloaded it till now.
  2. Login/Create Your Amazon account.
  3. Search “Amazon Quiz” on the Amazon App.
  4. Now Click on “Quiz Time” banner.
  5. Start Answering the Questions.


Amazon Quiz Contest Answers Today [30 March 2020] – Win Rs.50,000

Q1. Born in Karnal on 17th March which lady was part of the crew of ‘Columbia’ as a mission specialist and primary robotic arm operator?

AnswerKalpana Chawla

Q2. The upcoming movie Shershaah starring Siddharth Malhotra is based on the life of which military hero?

Answer – Vikram Batra

Q3. Who is the first Indian cricketer to play in 150 Ranji Trophy matches?

Answer – Wasim Jaffer

Q4. As per the 2020 World Happiness Report, which was named the happiest country in the world for the third year in a row?


Q5. The month of March is named after the Roman god of _____? (Fill in the blank)

Answer – War


More Previous Days Quiz Answers

Amazon Quiz Contest Answers Today [29 March 2020] – Win Samsung S20

Q1. The Rajya Sabha passed ‘The Mineral Laws (Amendment) Bill, 2020’, which proposes to commercialise the mining of which mineral?


Q2. The Indian Navy recently supplied essential food and relief materials to which flood-hit country?

Answer – Madagascar

Q3. Who recently broke a 21-year-old record for the most wickets by a fast bowler in a single Ranji Trophy season?

Answer – Jaydev Unadkat

Q4. Who is the only Indian player to feature in the official 2020 ICC Women’s T20 World Cup team of the tournament?

AnswerPoonam Yadav

Q5. National Vaccination Day is observed on March 16th. This day, first Oral vaccine for which disease was given in India?

Answer – Polio


Amazon Quiz Contest Answers Today [28 March 2020] – Win Qubo Indoor Camera

Q1. Which car manufacturer makes the Electric Vehicle known as Leaf?


Q2. Which player scored 2 goals for Atletico de kolkata in the final on Saturday to claim an unprecedented third Indian Super League title?

Answer – Javier Hernandez

Q3. ‘The Adventures of a Daredevil Democrat’ chronicles the story of which former Indian Chief Minister?

Answer – Biju Patnaik

Q4. In which city are the recently restored tombs of Taramati and Premamati located?


Q5. What kind of device is SuCheck, developed with assistance from the Indian Council of Medical Research?

Answer – Glucometer


Amazon Quiz Contest Answers Today [26 March 2020] – Win Rs.20,000

Q1. Which Baroque-style ________ is located in Trevi, Rome? It is one of the most popular tourist destination in Italy.


Q2. Which Punjab MLA recently launched his own YouTube channel ‘Jittega Punjab’ to share his views with the people of Punjab?

Answer – Navjot Singh Sidhu

Q3. Which Indian state and World Bank have signed a USD 80 million loan to boost agriculture and water management in the state?

Answer – Himachal Pradesh

Q4. Which challenge has gone viral on TikTok, amid the Corona-virus outbreak to create awareness on safe practices, popularized by American singer Gloria Gaynor?

AnswerHand-Washing Challenge

Q5. For the first time in its history, tech giant Microsoft has appointed a person for which role?

Answer – Chief Scientific Officer


Amazon Quiz Contest Answers Today [25 March 2020] – Win Oppo Reno2 F

Q1. The astronauts aboard the International Space Station (ISS) have managed to successfully cultivate which nutritious salad crop?


Q2. On March 8th, 2020, who become the first captain to lead a side in any ICC Cricket World Cup event final on his or her birthday?

Answer – Harmanpreet kaur

Q3. The Kimberley Process is an international certification scheme that regulates trade in which product?

Answer – Diamond

Q4. A newly discovered grasshopper species has been named ‘Kaikaia ____’ after which singer known for her ‘wacky fashion sense’?

AnswerLady Gaga

Q5. Which actress has been roped in to star in film-maker Anurag Kashyap’s first international project titled ‘Talkh’?

Answer – Angira Dhar


Amazon Quiz Contest Answers Today [24 March 2020] – Win Bose Sound Touch 20 Speakers

Q1. In the movie Onward, if Tom Holland is the voice for Ian Lightfoot, which fellow MCU star is the voice for Ian’s brother Barley?

AnswerChris Pratt

Q2. President Ram Nath Kovind recently administered the oath of office to Mr. Bimal Julka for which post?

Answer – Chief Information Commissioner

Q3. The World Boxing Council has created a championship belt, embellished with purple and gold colors, in honour of which NBA legend?

Answer – Kobe Bryant

Q4. To whom did Mukesh Ambani lose the tag of Asia’s richest man, after a $5 billion plus loss, in part due to collapse of oil prices?

AnswerJack Ma

Q5. Which is the name of the dedicated storefront on Amazon.in to display ‘women entrepreneurs’ products to customers across the country?

Answer – Saheli


Amazon Quiz Contest Answers Today [23 March 2020] – Win Rs.50,000

Q1. The Union Civil Aviation Ministry has lifted up restrictions to allow Indian airlines to provide what service to all its passengers?

AnswerIn-flight Wi-Fi

Q2. Tintin Eleonora Emman is the middle name of which famous activist?

Answer – Greta Thunberg

Q3. After PM Narendra Modi and Rajinikanth, which actor is set to feature in an edition of ace adventurer Bear Grylls’s ‘Man vs Wild’ show?

Answer – Akshay Kumar

Q4. Which English Premier League team’s 44-game unbeaten run came to an end after suffering a 3-0 defeat at Watford on February 29th?


Q5. Indian tycoon Yusuff Ali, has become the first Indian to receive Saudi Arabia’s premium residency. He is which company’s chairman?

Answer – Lulu Group


Amazon Quiz Contest Answers Today [22 March 2020] – Win Apple iPhone XR

Q1. NASA has awarded which company with a $117-million contract to provide launch services for its Psyche mission?


Q2. Auto manufacturer Mahindra & Mahindra plans to launch a cab aggregator, called Alyte, for whom?

Answer – Corporates

Q3. Which Mumbai-based acrobatics dance group won the America’s Got Talent: The Champions season 2 finale?

Answer – V.Unbeatable

Q4. Who among the following was the Player of the Series in the 2020 Women’s T20 World Cup?

AnswerBeth Mooney

Q5. Liu Yifei is starring in the lead role in a live action adaptation of which famous Disney animated feature?

Answer – Mulan


Amazon Quiz Contest Answers Today [21 March 2020] – Win Samsung Galaxy Watch

Q1. The Indian government recently launched a mobile application ‘Humsafar’ to facilitate doorstep delivery of what?


Q2. To announce the early release of which movie on 13th March, did the makers tweet ‘Father’s Day comes early’?

Answer – Angrezi Medium

Q3. On March 29th, 2017 which holder of an important post born on March 16th, was made an honorary General of the Nepal Army?

Answer – General Bipin Rawat

Q4. Which town has recently been named as the new summer capital of Uttarakhand?


Q5. Which acclaimed actor plays the lead role in the movie ‘Kaamyaab’ about an actor Sudheer who comes out of retirement?

Answer – Sanjay Mishra


Amazon Quiz Contest Answers Today [20 March 2020] – Win Amazon Alexa Eco Show

Q1. Muhyiddin Yassin is the new Prime Minister of which country?


Q2. Powered by a brilliant showing from Sania Mirza, India made the world group playoffs of which tournament for the first time?

Answer – Federation Cup

Q3. Which country became the first in the world to make public transport free?

Answer – Luxembourg

Q4. For its 2020 mission to which planet, did NASA name the rover ‘Perseverance’?


Q5. Hardik Pandya recently hit 158 off 55 balls in a T20 tournament named after whom?

Answer – DY Patil


Amazon Quiz Contest Answers Today [19 March 2020] – Win Rs.15,000

Q1. Who has proposed a new climate law that would set a target of net-zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050?

AnswerEuropean Union

Q2. Bundelkhand Expressway is being built in which Indian state?

Answer – Uttar Pradesh

Q3. Who is the only second Indian woman cricketer after Mithali Raj to top the women’s T20 International rankings?

Answer – Shafali Verma

Q4. Which social media app announced a new sharing format called ‘fleets’ – which disappears after 24 hours?


Q5. Which institution is responsible for conferring the highest honour in the fine arts?

Answer – Lalit Kala Akademi


Amazon Quiz Contest Answers Today [18 March 2020] – Win Oppo Reno2 Z

Q1. Which of these Amazon Prime series features Srikanth Tiwari, an intelligence officer for T.A.S.C as the central character?

AnswerThe Family Man

Q2. Bolt Mobility is an electric scooter rental company co-founded by which famous sportsperson?

Answer – Usain Bolt

Q3. What was the first international agreement to affirm the principle of gender equality?

Answer – UN Charter

Q4. Sneha Mohandoss, Malvika Iyer, Arifa, Kalpana Ramesh, Vijaya Pawar, Kalavati and Veena Devi – all took over what on 8th March, 2020?

AnswerPrime Minister’s twitter handle

Q5. Which singer in the news for her performance at a sporting event, is known for singles such as ‘Roar’ and ‘Firework’?

Answer – Katy Perry


Amazon Quiz Contest Questions & Answers Today [27 October 2019] – Win Samsung Galaxy Note 10

Q1. In which country would you find the temple complex Angkor Wat?


Q2. Which of the following is used in making a Pencil?

Answer – Graphite

Q3. Eritrea, which became the 182nd member of the UN in 1993, is located in which continent?

Answer – Africa

Q4. Originating in the Tibetan plateau near Lake Mansarovar, which river flows through Ladakh?


Q5. Rial is the official currency of ______. Fill in the blanks.

Answer -Iran


Amazon Quiz Contest Questions & Answers Today [26 October 2019] – Win Fender Acoustic Guitar

Q1. Today, 26th October is the birthday of an actress who played the part of ‘Daenerys Targaryen’ also known as ‘The mother of dragons’ in the recently concluded famous HBO series ‘Game of Thrones’. What is the name of this actress?

AnswerEmilia Clarke

Q2. This famous politician celebrates her birthday today. She served as the ‘United States Secretary of State’ between 2009-2013. She is also the wife of a former US president and she herself ran for the US presidency in 2016. Who are we talking about?

Answer – Hillary Clinton

Q3. Which famous hotel, designed to resemble the sail of a ship, stands on an artificial island 280 m from Jumeirah Beach?

Answer – Burj Al Arab, Dubai

Q4. How many strings does a cello typically have?


Q5. 1st December 1963, Nagaland became the _____ state of India.

Answer – 16th


Amazon Quiz Contest Questions & Answers Today [25 October 2019] -Win Sony 5.1 Home Theatre System

Q1. Today, 25th October is the birthday of a world famous Spanish artist and painter who has paintings such as ‘Guernica’ , ‘The Weeping Woman’ and many more to his name. Which painter are we referring to?

AnswerPablo Picasso

Q2. In which European city would you find the Acropolis?

Answer – Athens, Greece

Q3. In which country would you find Bran Castle also commonly known as , ‘Dracula’s Castle’?

Answer – Romania

Q4. ‘Fugdi’ is a folk dance, typically performed by women dancers forming circles or rows. Which state does it come from?

AnswerGoa/ Konkan

Q5. In Japanese, what is the word for goodbye?

Answer – Sayonara


Amazon Quiz Contest Questions & Answers Today [24 October 2019] -Win Rs.20,000

Q1. Which is the largest muscle in the human body?

AnswerGluteus maximus

Q2. In which country would you find Easter Island, most famous for its nearly 1,000 extant monumental statues, called moai?

Answer – Chile

Q3. Which one of these is a traditional folk dance of the people of Lakshadweep Islands?

Answer – Lava dance

Q4. In which country were the first Olympic games held?


Q5. Which is the smallest planet in our solar system?

Answer – Mercury


Amazon Quiz Contest Questions & Answers Today [23 October 2019] -Win One Plus 7T Pro

Q1. The book ‘Long Walk to Freedom’ is an autobiography by which one of these?

AnswerNelson Mandela

Q2. Today, 23rd October is the birthday of an actor who has played a super-hero character is both Marvel and DC franchise in recent times. Who are we talking about here?

Answer – Ryan Reynolds

Q3. Today, 23rd October is the birthday of one of Football’s legends. He has won 3 FIFA world cups with Brasil and was named ‘Co-Player of the Century’ in 1999, along with Argentine Diego Maradona. Who is this player?

Answer – Pelé

Q4. Which of these Indian states does NOT share its border with China?


Q5. In which city would you find the Colosseum, an amphitheater built in the first century to honor the Flavian dynasty?

Answer – Rome, Italy


Amazon Quiz Contest Questions & Answers Today [22 October 2019] -Win Amazon Alexa Eco Show

Q1. Which of these is the southern most point of Africa and the beginning of the dividing line between the Atlantic and Indian Oceans?

AnswerCape Agulhas

Q2. Who was the second man to walk on the moon?

Answer – Edwin ‘buzz’ Aldrin

Q3. Which historical event does Charles Dickens’ novel ‘The Tale of Two Cities’ concern?

Answer – The French Revolution

Q4. When did the Apple iPhone first become available?


Q5. Which film director and screenwriter is most known for the Elements Trilogy – Fire (1996), Earth (1998), and Water (2005)?

Answer – Deepa Mehta


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