5 Easy Ways To Earn Money Online In India: ₹50,000 Monthly
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Earn ₹50,000 Monthly, 5 easy ways to earn money online in India without Investment – Guys most of the people want to earn money online. But It is fact that most of the people are unable to make money online.

We will discuss here about top best ways to make money online in India without any investment.


Best ways to earn money online in India without Investment

  1. Online Earning Apps
  2. Blogging
  3. Affiliate Marketing
  4. Free Lancing
  5. Online Paid Surveys


1. Online Earning Apps

This is the easiest way of making money online for non technical persons. Anyone unemployed, students, employed and retired persons can earn money with this method. But finding good & trusted Apps is not very easy task.

We are suggesting you to work on these Apps in part time. We are also working on these Apps. If you work in a proper way, You can easily earn Rs.50,000 per month. Yes, we are not joking. You can.


1.1 Mall91 App

Here are some snapshots of payment proofs.

ShinyBaba earn money online payment proof 8

1.2 Helo App

  • [ Temp Close ]

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It is a social media app. You can earn good amount of money with this App.

It is being run by a Limited company. It pays you money instantly without any failure.

Here are some payment proofs.

ShinyBaba earn money online payment proof 5


2. Blogging

It is very good way of making online money. In this, you need a website. You have to write articles. People will visit your website to read the articles.

You should monetize your website with some monetization options like advertisements or affiliate products to generate revenue.

You can also do video blogging such as making videos on YouTube and earn money.


3. Affiliate Marketing

This is one of the best way of making money online. You have to sell products of other brands online and you will get commission for each sale. Sale commission is very attractive. It may be from 2% to 10% or more. It depends on the affiliate program you join. It is very big topic and we will cover about this in our next coming posts. But it is not very easy to sell products online. It requires special skills. You have to be fully trained for this work.


4. Free Lancing

It is also good way of making money online. You can join some freelancing sites and give your services to clients in part time. You should provide services according to your expertise. Clients will pay you money for your services.

Example of some services – Work in excel sheet, App development, Software development, website designing etc.

Here are some freelancing websites – Odesk, Upwork


5. Online Paid Surveys

Some websites pay money to complete surveys. It is also a good way of making online money. But you should always join trusted survey website.

Here are some trusted survey websites.

1. YouGov Survey

  • Joining Link
  • Register with your email id.
  • Trick to get more survey – Set gender as FEMALE & Age 30+
  • Set survey frequency maximum to get more survey

  • Check your email, click on verification mail and verify your email id.
  • Complete first survey and get 50 points. to complete survey, go to “Menu>My Account
  • Go to “Menu>My Account” to check all survey.

  • You will receive two or three new survey per week  & get 50 – 5000 points per survey on completing.

Payment Proof:-

payment proof 2


Conclusion – Best ways to earn money online in India without Investment

Guys, We have covered in this article the best ways of making money online in India without investment. We have discussed about online money earning apps, blogging, video blogging, affiliate marketing, Free lancing & Paid surveys.

Now it is up to you what you choose to earn money online.

Trust me, If you work in a proper way, you can make Rs.50,000/month or more very easily.


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Written By Mangesh Shuka. Founder of ShinyBaba.com Software Engineer By Profession. Helping to the Peoples to earn money online in part time with trusted money making opportunities. Also providing money saving Loot Deals to save your money.

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